About Big Daddy Olga’s Rules for Raiders

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  – Proverb

In the Twisted Nether podcast a few weeks ago, Hydra made a comment that it would be nice if someone posted some elementary recommendations for raiders; basic things you need to know.  Experienced raiders have no end of resources about strategies, spell rotations and the like.  But there is nothing out there to explain the basic elements of raiding to a new player.  Since no one else seems to be stepping up, I don the mantle and present Big Daddy Olga’s Rules for Raiders.

Hydra has identified a very real need.  You can easily find no end of complaints and rants about noobs and sucky players.  Indeed, I enjoy The Cynical Brit podcast primarily because Total Biscuit’s rants about sucky players are so amusing; they match Tom Magliozzi’s raves on Car Talk.

And certainly there’s plenty of reason to rant.  I’m always shocked at the elementary questions I see asked in General and Trade chat, and even in guild chat.  They’re almost invariably questions that can be answered easily knowing a few key web sites.  And I see plenty of raiders who, frankly, suck.  They come to raids unprepared, ask basic questions, miss key buffs, don’t know the bosses, make elementary mistakes in tactics, and create unnecessary drama.  (Not that I don’t love drama….when it’s someone else’s drama.  But I hate drama in my own guild and in my own raids.)

But as the proverb says, “better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.  Bitching about sucky players and noobs is not going to make them better.  What will make them better is giving them the information that they are missing, and teaching them how to find more.

So I introduce Big Daddy Olga’s Rules for Raiders.  These aren’t rules for experienced raiders; experienced raiders already know these rules…and the exceptions to them.  These rules are for the new raider that is still learning about raiding, how to raid, and how to be a raider.

Psst…..experienced raiders are welcome to listen in.  And comment. (Provided those comments are constructive; unconstructive comments will be removed.)

Big Daddy Olga’s Rules for Raiders

Rule Number 1:  Know Your Class, Spec and Role

Rule Number 2:  Get the right gear, and gem and enchant it correctly.

Rule Number 3:  Bring Consumables

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