Slow down, you level too fast!

Slow down! You level too fast!

Gotta make the lowbie last!

Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, and I won’t try and parody the rest of the song (OK, I tried, but couldn’t really come up with more; I’ve never been a good poet or lyricist). But I do wish I could slow down leveling on my new alts.

After The Shattering, I rolled a Dwarf Shammy, a race/class combo I’ve been waiting for since Blizzard announced it last year.  I’ve been having a great time with it.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes in the early zones, Dun Morogh and Loch Modan; I can almost feel the mud on my feet in the drained loch.  And the quest chains have been entertaining.  I’m having a blast.

But leveling goes so quickly now!  Zone content turns green before you’ve had a chance to finish the zone, and then it’s off to the next zone.  And if you take mining or herbalism as a profession, leveling goes even faster.  More than once I’ve had to go back to a zone after I’ve already leveled out because I need to gather herbs to level my alchemy, which adds even more XP, pushing me further toward leveling out of the zone I’m working on.

I know in the past, players have pushed Blizzard to make leveling faster, and Blizz has responded well. You can now level an alt to max level in a very short time.  I leveled a hunter to 68 in only a couple of weeks while on medical leave earlier this year.  It took me only a little longer to level a mage all the way to 80 (I got bored with the hunter by the time I reached Northrend).

But with all the new content, I’d love a way to slow down leveling.  It would be great to have a toggle so I could turn off XP for gathering, for example.  Or to be able to toggle the XP requirement for each level between the current requirement and the traditional requirement.  Ideally, we could toggle both.  Toggles on XP would allow us to slow down and enjoy the new content at the appropriate level when we want to, or to level an alt quickly if we want to.

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