Big Daddy Olga’s Rules for Raiders Number Three: Bring Food, Drink, Flasks, and Reagents

You eat and drink a lot in a raid instance, especially after a wipe.  Be sure you bring plenty of consumables.  Consumables include:

  • Food, especially buff food.  Know the stats that most benefit your class and spec, and bring plenty of it.  Start with the basics:
    • Healers need spirit food to boost mana regeneration, although intellect food for a bigger mana pool is also a good choice.
    • Caster DPS need intellect food to boost their mana pool and spell power.
    • Melee characters, both DPS and tanks, should bring either agility food (rogues, druids, enhancement shammies) or strength food (warriors, paladins,)

In general, its better to bring food to boost these basic stats than other stats, but for a specific fight, you may want a different buff.  Some members of your raid may be able to place feasts, which feed the whole raid and offer useful buffs.  If a feast is available, it often offers a stronger buff than standard buff food, so its usually better to eat.

  • Flasks or elixirs.  Again, know the stats that benefit your class and spec and bring flasks or elixirs to boost it.  Flasks are usually a better choice than elixirs because flasks offer a stronger boost and last through death;  On the other hand, flasks are more expensive; they require more materials and more expensive materials.  But if you’re chugging an elixir every time you die, you may find that you’re spending as much on elixirs as you would be on flasks.  In any event, get to know your friendly guild alchemists and bring them the mats to make your flasks, since there is a guild achievement for making 10,0o0 and 25,000 flasks, and the benefit of that achievement is the ability to make cauldrons, which supply flasks to the whole raid.  Find out which alchemists are elixir masters, as they will proc additional flasks as well as eilixirs, benefittin both you and the guild.

Don’t forget about potions as well, as they can give a crucial temporary boost.  A well timed mana potion may keep a healer cranking, while spell-power or crit potion provides a critical boost to DPS during the burn phase of a boss encounter.  Again, find your friend potion master alchemist and bring them the mats for your potions, as they proc additional potions.  You mind that a potion master is a little more rare than an elixir master or even a transmute master, since their benefit is not as immediately obvious as the other two alchemy specialties.

  • Reagents.  If your class has a special spell that needs a reagent, be sure you have an adequate supply on hand.  Reagents include ankhs for shamans, runes of portals for mages, and maple seeds for druids.   Be sure you have plenty of reagents on hand for last through the raid.

Always bring plenty of these consumables when you raid.  If you forget or run out, be ready to pay for them , as they can be expensive or time-consuming to obtain.

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