Name that toon!

The Twisted Nether blogcast recently suggested a post theme on how you name your toons.  It’s a good one for me to address, because I get comments on my toon names a lot.

Let’s start with my dwarves.  I have several dwarves because I’ve always been partial to the race.  I’m not sure why (although some have observed that I look a lot like a dwarf; and those are my friends.  Can you imagine what someone who doesn’t like me says?).  But going back to my desultory D&D days (lo, these…many…years ago!), I’ve usually played a dwarf if that was an option. They’ve always appealed to me.

In fantasy literature and in MMOs, dwarven culture is usually portrayed as essentially Celtic.  In WoW, dwarves always speak with a Celtic (predominantly Irish) accent, and other aspects of their culture also lean towards the Celtic influence.

But I’ve always seen dwarves as essentially Germanic.  Again, I can’t say exactly why I see them this way.  And I realize my perception is definitely counter to the common fantasy perception and representation of dwarves.    In any event, I usually give a dwarf a name that seems Germanic, or at least old Anglo-Saxon.  Hence Ulfwaercht, my warrior and primary alt, as well as Ulmbeorcht, my first toon, a dwarf paladin (who sits rather neglected, to be honest).

I also have this concept that “Ulf” and “Ulm” are essentially male prefixes for names, while “Olm” is a female prefix.  Thus my female paladin, Olmgueld, and my female rogue, Olmbruild.

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