A Foolish Druid

The other day,  my troll shammy drew the Sewer Stew cooking daily while waiting in the random dungeon queue.  I had collected my carrots and was hearthing back when something attacked me.  (My shammy is on a PVP server.)  Looking around to respond, I couldn’t see what had hit me, and shortly dropped out of combat.  I began to hearth again, only to be attacked again.

This time, I spotted the culprit:  a night elf druid, who promptly began swarmed me with treants. So I was facing a boomkin.

This was not going to go well.  I was in my healing spec and gear, and I’m no great shakes at PVP anyway.   But, to my amazement, I was surviving, and giving better than I got.  Of course, the druid didn’t help himself much, since he never switched to boomkin form.  A couple of quick heals were enough to keep my health up.  Meanwhile I burned him down with flame shocks, earth shocks, and lightning bolts.

When he died, the mystery of my victory was solved.  Not only had he failed to change form, he was a level 71 attacking a Level 80 outfitted in tier 9 gear.   Some players might be able to win with that handicap.  He clearly wasn’t one of them. It was a foolish attack.

And an unsatisfying victory.

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